Jan 20

A Message from the Body Master

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Welcome one and all to the newly chartered Roar of Rapture Encampment and congrats to all who put in the hard work to make it possible.  I wanted to make an official announcement as our new journey begins.  Our history as a camp-in-formation is a lengthy one spanning nearly four years.  Some Omaha natives might recall the late Omaha Community of Thelema (O.C.T.) that used to dominate our hometown.  We all put in a lot of work and development for the success of the O.C.T. and in all actuality it gave us a great foundation for our current task. We’ve established many important connections and met some wonderful people. Although it took us four years, much was accomplished in that time and I would not have desired a quicker pace.  Of course now that we’ve been chartered, the tower of O.C.T. has fallen and Roar of Rapture Encampment stands in its place.  Again, congratulations!

Roar of Rapture was selected as the title for our Camp as it is referenced within Liber Stella Rubeae.  For the best understanding of the reference, I strongly suggest reading the entire document found here.

Thou shalt scream with the joy and the pain and the fear and the love— so that the ΛΟΓΟΣ of a new God leaps out among the Stars.

There shall be no sound heard but this thy lion-roar of rapture; yea, this thy lion-roar of rapture.

ΛΟΓΟΣ for those that don’t read Greek is  Lambda-Omicron-Gamma-Omicron-Sigma or LOGOS which Carl Jung considered the principle of reason and judgement (“Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype,” CW 9i, par. 178.).  The absolute profound and seemingly inexhaustible entanglement within the attributes of Thelema is a perfect representation of what Roar of Rapture Encampment is all about, the preparation of the individual through initiatory and ecclesiastical rites to embody Light, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Power through Beauty, Courage, and Wit, on the Foundation of Universal Brotherhood.  There is no better-suited name for this Camp.

We have been fortunate enough to establish our Camp in an external venue thanks to the great work everyone has done to secure aid where needed.  This is rare among Camps and even some Oasis’ and proof that our reputation is worthy of the trust of friends and affiliates of Roar of Rapture.  Having such a venue will allow us to host the Gnostic Mass and events in a more appropriate manner.

Our relationship with the fantastic Pagan community within Omaha and Lincoln will allow us to mutually grow and even celebrate privately or publicly for relevant rituals or celebrations.  This mutually benefiting relationship is another unique quality we have here in Omaha and will play a valuable role in our future success.

So as we embark on our journey to spread Thelema across Omaha, I’d like to welcome those who are interested to reach out and contact us.  We’re here and eagerly await meeting .  For those non-initiates who are currently involved with our local body, I would like to give you these  words of encouragement; rely on us during your consideration and exploration of Thelema.  The initiates of Roar of Rapture have an excellent variety of knowledge and experience and are available to you, just reach out.  For those initiates of our Camp, I implore you be open and honest among your brethren.  Although we have always had an intense fraternal bond, we are about to take on a great task and I know I can rely on you to help carry the weight of our success.

Love is the law, love under will.

Encampment Master,