The Roar of Rapture Encampment Library contains a growing number of books in its Circulation section for members and supporting affiliates to borrow.  The library contains important references including a variety of volumes and works on loan from private collections.

We are always accepting donations for the library and are available to discuss private loans for the library.  If you would like to donate or loan books, please contact the Treasurer for arrangements.

Borrowing Books

  • Books may only be borrowed by Roar of Rapture Camp Members and Affiliates in good standing for a period up to two weeks.
  • Select book(s) and contact the Camp Master to RSVP them.
  • The book(s) can be picked up on request or delivered during the next Roar of Rapture Event.
  • Returning materials can be dropped off on request or delivered  during the next Roar of Rapture Event.
  • Unusual wear and tear or lost items (90 days) will require replacement.


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